The Monks of Milan

Bespoke Cheese tour and lunch Itinerary


Piacenza will fill yr basket of dreams tenfold!!!

Unlocking a Kingdom. Yep we’ve discovered a treasure largely undiscovered, in the centre of northern Italy.

It’s full of amazing villages, cities, art, castles, Roman, Gothic and medieval treasures. It’s stacked high and wide with food and wine.

Once the most powerful, wealthy and prestigious city in Europe. Province of Piacenza awaits.

Come book your fabulous day!

MEET POINT Piacenza / Time 8.30-9.00am

We visit a renowned maker of Grana Padano 10 minutes from the Piacenza A1 Autostrada turn off.

Piacenza dinners

Then trundle into the foot hills for a stunning stroll around and ancient castle then on to our rustic food gastronomical delight.

Dropping you on your way to the rest of your Italian dream!

Tour Finishes c2.00pm

Tour Costs and info on request.


For more tour info and ideas – email us at


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